VMware Workstation 12 vs virtualbox comparison
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Is VMware Workstation Better Than Virtualbox?

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Even though we live in a sophisticated world, enterprises are finding it really hard to meet the emerging day to day demands in the IT field. Most of the organizations have understood the need of virtualization and are using it to gain maximum benefits. However, a majority of them are confused about how to choose the right virtualization tool that can boost their computer resources and improve the productivity.

Knowing the trends, a number of companies have launched their virtualization tools, claiming to be the best in the industry. Oracle VirtualBox, Parallels Workstation and VMware are some of the predominant names in the virtualization industry, and here we are trying to figure out the merits and demerits of using these tools to create VMs. VMware Workstation and VirtualBox are the two leading choices for the developers to create a VM to test or run their code.
virtualbox vs vmware
The VirtualBox and VMware Workstation work on the same fundamental principle, which includes a hypervisor running on a hardware-emulation layer. Both the products support a wide range of Operating Systems, including Unix, Windows and Linux.
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The picture above gives a clear idea of the number of users, who prefer to use VirtualBox, VMware or Other virtualization tool.

What is common in VMware Workstation 12 and Oracle VirtualBox?

VirtualBox is a professional-grade, open-source virtualization software, which belongs to the x86 virtualization product family apt for enterprise and home users.

Basically, both the products, VMware and VirtualBox are quite similar and offer a lot of features to create powerful VMs and complex virtual networks. When compared to other products, the VMware and VirtualBox provides one of the most reliable and the easiest way to run a virtual machine on the desktop.
vmware workstation 12 screenshot
What makes VMware Workstation different from VirtualBox?

VirtualBox is a leading brand that has been distinguished as a free alternative to VMware Workstation. However, they couldnít provide full fledged features that can replace the powerful features of the VMware, still has made a good attempt to close the gap. Let's find how far they have succeeded in doing so.


Even though free, VirtualBox offers a broad range of virtualization tools to keep in pace with the performance of leading commercial brands, like VMware and Parallels. VirtualBox is an open source software which is free of cost for the people, who wish to try virtualization. VMware Workstation is a proprietary commercial application, for the developers and helps to boost their productivity by letting the have the best of the two worlds.

Impact on performance

VMware Workstation 12 is light and has little impact on the system, when compared with the VirtualBox. The easy integration of the workstation with the modern hardware ensures that the user gets maximum efficiency, while working with heavy workloads. When compared to VirtualBox, VMware Workstation leads in the feature list and performance. If you want to run Windows on your Mac to use a certain app or test a website, then go for VMware Workstation.

VirtualBox had tried their best to close the gap and included novel tools so as to provide a one-to-one substitution to satisfy the userís wanting Workstation-level performance. VirtualBox packs all the features that are mainly designed for making the day-to-day task a little smoother. VirtualBox adds paravirtualization support and allows the freedom for the user to choose which paravirtualization interface to go with for a given VM. The user can also let the VirtualBox to automatically decide which paravirtualization mode to use for the best results. The paravirtualization functionality is included by the VirtualBox to improve the timekeeping. If you just want your development environment to match your staging and production environments, then VirtualBox is the best option.