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Privacy Policy
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VMware is a reputed brand that always respects the privacy of the users. The company is bound to safeguard all the information provided to them by their valuable users. VMware is always vigilant and does enough search to find out the appropriate protection means to keep their userís data - both personal and management data secure. The privacy policy formulated by the VMware describes everything the user need to understand about the information collected by the company and how it is used. You can visit the official website of the company to know more about the privacy policy. The company can collect the information of the users who visit their website, use mobile applications, webpages or related entities. The website owned by the company will bear a direct link to the privacy policy.

Which privacy policy is followed by VMware?

Different companies follow different privacy principles and the EU-US Safe Harbor Privacy Principle is the one followed by VMware. This privacy policy and the General Safe Harbor Privacy Notice will be taken into account to process your personal information, if you visit or use the service from the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

Details collected by VMware:

The VMware website provides a number of services to the users, which include ordering products or service, register to a safe extranet site to obtain access to product information, register products, service and training, subscribe to marketing or support materials, avail support or even find an opportunity to work with VMware.

VMware may be interested in a number of details, which may include your personal details such as UserId, name, residence address, contact number, password etc. Sometimes they will be keeping an eye on your financial information, including online transactions, credit card information and preferences. In addition to these, VMware may collect details about the website you visit, what are your interests, or even how often you visit the VMware website. If you are using any VMware application and  provide any information, the company will supplement it with the personal information they have collected.

Your information is shared with:

The service provided by VMware may need support from third parties or other service providers. In such cases, the personal information collected will be shared with them, but VMware makes it sure that the third party does not use your information for anything else other than the intended task. The company holds the right to use any information which are not personally identifiable, however, VMware does not sell or publish any information in personally identifiable form to any third party without the userís permission. The privacy policy describes how and what all information is shared with who all.

VMware uses cookies to gather your information to deliver services to its users, personalize and give better web browsing experience. The company does not hold any responsibility of the personal information you enter in the website, you enter by clicking on the links of the third party provided in the VMware website. VMware does not control the privacy policy of any other website and the policies may differ as different companies follow different principles.

The company holds the right to make changes in their privacy policy, whenever they like. It is the responsibility of the user to check the website and keep updated with the changes in the privacy policy.