VMware Workstation 12 Upgrade Review with pros and cons
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VMware Workstation 12 Professional Upgrade Review

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Full Ñontrol

If you are a technical professional, then you can enjoy the powerful controls offered by the Workstation 12 to setup and interact with the virtual machine. VMware offers a wide range of options to the tech savvy to choose for sharing, installing, viewing, connecting, and protecting the virtual machine. This feature improves the productivity of the user, by saving their valuable time.

In addition to the power to create a powerful virtual machine, VMware offers the tool for the user to create virtual machines that are encrypted. The user can create a VM that expire at a date and time, defined by the user or require a change of password. Workstation allows you to Roll back to any point. It  is made possible by the Snapshot feature, as it preserves the state of the virtual machine.
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setup virtual networks
share virtual machines
Share Your Virtual Machine

One of the best ways to improve the productivity is to test the applications with your team. Workstation 12 allows the quickest way to share and test the app with your team members. To share a repository of a preloaded virtual machine with your teammates or organization, you need to run the workstation as a server. While sharing virtual machine, Workstation  gives enterprise caliber control over user access.
Setup Virtual Networks

The IPV6 support offered by the Workstation 12 allows its user to create more complex networking topologies. The virtual network editor gives the freedom to add or remove virtual IPv4 or IPv6 networks. The user can also create custom virtual networking configurations which can be used for testing, without causing any impact on the PCs network configuration. The virtual network editor allows the user to build around 20 custom virtual networks for connected multi-tier applications.
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High Resolution Displays for Latest Devices

The optimized support for 4K UHD with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (used in Desktop) and QHD+ (3200x1800) for laptop displays, gives a crisp and detailed experience for the user. The advanced feature allows the user to run multiple monitors even if they are of different DPIs.

Tear away Tabs

This new feature is of great use for people who love to open tabs in separate windows. With the tear away tabs, the user can drag open tabs out of the Workstation window to a new or existing Workstation window, with much ease.

Improved Performance

In addition to the new Haswell microarchitecture, Workstation supports the latest Intel 64-bit x86 processors to ensure maximum performance. Compared to the previous versions, the performance has been improved to 45 percent.

The integration of latest tools and features has played a vital role in improving the overall performance of Workstation 12. Depending on the system resources, the user can run multiple virtual machines simultaneously on Workstation 12, without any snap. The boot time of the VM is very short and the response time is much improved. These constitute the main reasons for upgrading from Workstation 11 to 12.

Superior Connectivity

The enhanced connectivity of the Workstation 12 not only makes the file transfer with external storage devices, easy and quick, but also offers easy access to a webcam, printer or headset. It uses the latest technology that can deliver crystal clear audio as well as cancel echo for voice and video calls with Microsoft Lync and Skype. It leverages latest hardware supporting HD audio with 7.1 surround sound and offers USB 3.0 connectivity.

Get Connected To The Cloud

Access your virtual machine, whenever you need, no matter where they reside from your PC. The improved vCloud Air Integration allows the user to move the VM from PC to the public cloud or private cloud with VMware vSphere. This allows the user to quickly migrate and scale the workload to the  cloud without worrying about the constrain by the power of the PC. The simple drag and drop action reduces the complexity and maintains compatibility.

Support Newest Hardware

VMware has made their new product ready to work in conjunction with the latest hardware. The modern sensors in the tablet work together with the Workstation’s sensors like virtual compass, accelerometer, ambient light sensor and gyroscope and detects the movement of the tablet. This enables the active application in the Workstation to respond to the movement, fastly.

- Convenient UI
- Support all latest versions of Windows and Linux
- Support IPv6 NAT network
- Cortana - the digital assistant
- Enhanced Graphics
- Improved standard installer
- Edge web browser


No cons to mention